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On-Demand Electronics Manufacturing

Go from prototype to production, just in time.

Upload your design, get assembled PCBs in 12 days. Start with just 6 units, scale as needed.

  • Turnkey service
  • Instant price quotes
  • Flat-rate PCB+assembly pricing
  • Real-time DFM feedback
  • Part placement verification tool
  • Fast online ordering
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How It Works

1. Upload your design

Upload your Gerber, drill and BOM files to get started.

Get instant price quotes, PCB preview and real-time DFM report right in the browser - no need to wait for an engineer to get back to you.
2. Choose parts
Upload your BOM or build it on our site to choose parts for assembly.

Get visual preview, real-time pricing and availability information to make sure you get the right parts at the right price.
3. Verify part placements

Verify positions and orientations of all components on the PCB.

Prevent common placement errors before your PCB goes into manufacturing using our tools right in your browser.

4. Place order

Finalize your order and securely submit payment information online.

No sale reps to talk to, price quotes to wait for or purchase orders to email.

5. Receive assembled PCBs

We source the PCBs and the parts from our vendor partners, assemble your boards, and ship them to you.

We take care of the supply chain so you don't have to.

Ready to experience the new way to order assembled PCBs?
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